Access the Authorisation Centre in the Software

  1. Access the Authorisation Centre in the software.
  2. Set the table name to General Ledger Analysis and click on Proposed tab.
  3. Select Import.
  4. User browse button to find the spreadsheet that holds the data.
  5. Select Import.
  6. Select Close when process is complete.
  7. The data will be displayed in a grid.
  8. To display the data that will be imported, highlight a line and select Edit.
  9. To remove any unwanted lines, select Delete.
  10. Click on Authorise tab.
  11. Click Swap All to set all lines to be processed OR select individual lines that you wish to process.
  12. The selected lines will be displayed with a tick in the Transfer Field.
  13. You can now Update to make the entries Live, or Reject to remove them from the Authorisation Centre.