The Allowances form records any earning allowances which subsidise an employee’s yearly salary value.

If the Payroll module is present then this function is not required, as specific payment types within the Payroll module may be defined to introduce allowances into the pay cycle.

If only the Personnel module is present, then you may still want to record allowances against the employee record, so that they may be used by functions such as the Apply Grade. The functions will accumulate the entered allowances to revise the employee’s yearly salary value.

The fields displayed are:

  • Date – Enter a Date upon which the supplementary earnings item was paid. If this date is left blank, the system assumes that this is a regular payment which accompanies the salary on the interval that the salary is paid.
  • Analysis – An Analysis code to define the type of allowance being paid bay be selected from a dropdown list.
  • Description – The Description of the allowance is displayed but may be amended.
  • Value – Enter the Value of the allowance. The value should be entered as an annual amount. When the employee’s salary is calculated, the earnings allowance will be added to the annual salary, after the whole time equivalent has been applied to the salary.