Amending HR Record Summary Display

The fields displayed when the Summary button is ticked on the HR Record toolbar, can be restricted by the following procedure:

  • Call up the Employee Search screen.
  • Click Card Off/On, so that it shows Card Off. This means that the card will be displayed at the right of the Search screen, though it will be blank until an employee is selected.
  • Enter criteria to search for an employee and use Find to load the employment grid. Do not use Fast Find.
  • Highlight any employee from the grid and their details will be shown in the right hand summary box.
  • Click on Card and then click Edit.
  • The option to change the sequence that the data is shown in the record card is given.
  • If Yes, a screen is displayed within which you can move items up and down.
  • If No, the standard grids selection screen is displayed, in which you can manipulate the data that is to be shown in the summary screen.