Claims Printing – Solihull

The Contract Claims print process has been amended to invoke amenable Crystal Report Definitions.

The following steps will be required to set up the report:

  1. Store the report format Solihull claims.rpt, included with this mail onto your PC.
  2. In QLX, access Maintenance from top menu bar and go down menu to Printing, Report Maintenance.
  3. Click heading System Default Reports on tree displayed and click Add on right hand side of screen.
  4. Enter details to Report Parameters as per the attached screenshot (Note: this screen is case sensitive).
  5. This will then add a Claims Print entry to the tree stricture.
  6. Click to left of Pay Slip entry. This will then show Report Templates.
  7. Highlight Report Templates and click Add on right hand side of screen.
  8. Enter details as per the attached screenshot. When requested for file name, use Browse to point to file stored in point 1 above.

The following details will have to be set up on Claims Print tab in Sessional Contracts Parameters. Fields 2 and 3 are to hold the values to be printed in the Claim Period start and end boxes, and will have to be changed for each claims print run.

Claims can then be printed from the Payroll, Reporting, Pre-Printed Documents menu.

  • The first screen will request the template for which the claims are to be printed.
  • The second screen will request whether all claims are to be printed or just those that have not already been printed.
  • The third screen allows for the optional selection of an employee. (Note: if no employee is selected, then all employees will be printed).

The report is then processed using the standard Crystal Report function.