Creation of BACS File

Download the Format File

You will have been sent a file containing the parameters needed to define the required BACs format (Note: this file will need to be stored either on your PC or a shared server. This file is only used during the Initial Set Up stage below).

Initial Set Up

Within Payroll Definitions General, you will need to access the program Transfer Templates

Select New

Enter a code to the reference field e.g. BACS

Enter a description to the description field e.g. BACS Transfer

In Type, select value BACS

Select value User Defined from drop-down list of available options for Format Style

Leave Function blank

Enter name and full path of where to create the BACS file in Create filee.g. c:\bacs.txt

Leave Invoke blank

Click Import, browse to the file stored above. Click Open and the format file will be imported.

Click Save and Close.

Period Running

Within Payroll Reports Payments, you will need to access program BACS Processing

Select correct Payroll Template from drop-down list and click Next

Select BACS (Note: or what you called the above entry) and from the drop-down list, click Next

The option of entering a date will then be given. (Note: this is only required if the format that you have requested requires a payment date as part of its format)

Click Run

If you wish to continue, click Yes

The egg timer will show until the process has completed

The file will now have been created for transmission.