Fixed Payment To Employment History Link

A field exists in Fixed Payment Maintenance to allow a payroll code to be linked to an Employment History Record.

You will be allowed to select here, from any Primary Active or Active Employment History Records that the employee currently has.

If the payroll code has its parameter React To Critical Dates set to anything other than No, then the payment will only be passed to the working file during the dates that are entered on the employment history record.

If the React To Critical Dates parameter is set to anything other than No, and the start and/or end date of the employment history record is within the current pay period, then the Critical Date Processing will be enacted to ensure a proportional payment is made.

If this process is to be used on an employee with multiple live employment history records, then multiple fixed input records (each of a different payroll code e.g. SAL1, SAL2, etc.) will need to be created in order to have a one to one relationship.

This gives the advantage that each salary can show as a separate line on the payslip and each salary could be pensioned separately.

A disadvantage is that if an employment history record goes past its end date, but the employee keeps working, then his salary will stop at the end date.