Function Access

Users access to options help under HR Record are controlled via Function Access in Housekeeping Definitions.

Once accessed, highlight the required user name from the list in the left hand box.

In the right hand box, the options available within the initial HR Record are displayed. If the box against an option is unticked, then the user will not see that option when they go in the HR Record.

It is also possible to set an option as Read only. The Access box will need to be ticked on the relevant line. Select Permission, which will display a screen in which you can set the access permission to Enquiry Only.

Click Save.

Highlight the Personnel entry in the middle window.

Untick the options to which the user is not to have access.

Click Save once all changes have been made.


This will have to be repeated for each of the other options in the middle window, i.e. Credentials through to Teachers Pension.


Note: Initially, the user will have all the options ticked and so will have full access.