HMRC Download

Parameter Settings


In Payroll Module Definitions Gateway, it will be necessary to enter a value into field Verify Employee By. This field will define how to match the details picked up from the Inland Revenue website with the employee’s within the software.

The options being NI Number (i.e. only check NI Number), NI Number/Employee ReferenceEmployee Reference/NI Number to check both NI Number and Employee Reference, but using either the Employee Number or NI Number as the main key.


Transfer Template

It will be necessary to define a Transfer Template to hold the data downloaded from the HMRC.

The Transfer Template Code and Description can be user definedType must be P6/P8/Student Loan Update. The only other field that is required is File, which is the full file and path name of where the downloaded data is to be held.



Government Gateway Imports can be found in Payroll Functions.

The process consists of a five page wizard.

The first page takes in the HMRC tax office reference for which the download is being performed.

The second pages takes in the Payroll Template, under which you have defined your Inland Revenue Username, Password and Tax Office Details. (Note: this is not mentioned in Parameter Set Up as assumed all users setting up this option will already be using the RTI Processing).

The third page allows you to define the type of data that is to be downloaded.

The fourth page asks you to define the Transfer Template that is to be used to hold the downloaded data.

The fifth page allows you to define a date which data is not to be downloaded. This is useful to ensure that data which has been manually downloaded is not repeated.

The process can then be run.


When the download is complete, you will be presented with a Report Confirmation screen. No report template has been provided, so you should select that the output should be directed to the Grid Viewer.

The report will show details of those records that were downloaded, but could not be matched with employee records held within the software. The file defined in the Transfer Template will also hold details of the items that could not be reconciled in xml format.


Once the Grid Viewer has been closed, you will be presented with Authorisation Centre, displaying those changes that the process was able to link to current employees. The standard Authorisation Centre can be used to Accept or Reject the entries. It is also possible to leave the data in the Authorisation Centre for later processing.

An entry will be make in the software parameter file defining the last piece of data downloaded to ensure duplicate downloads do not occur.