HMRC Validation Software

  1. Access the website
  2. Access the Guide to installing and running.
  3. Download the software from the same website (Note: 3.10 seems to be the latest).
  4. Install the software with the following extra notes:a) The front page says Java 1.5 (Note: there mails say 1.6).

    b) Artefacts
    i. Our Vendor ID is 0362 (Note: when 3062 was entered, it worked).
    ii. The only artefact that was downloaded is PAYE > MOV > 1.3.
    iii. There seems to be no End of Year artefact.
    iv. In time, the RTI artefact will be needed.

    c) Testing
    i. Run RUNLTSSstandalon.bat from the LTS3.10/HMRCTools/LTS directory.
    ii. Use the URL https://localhost:5665/LTS/  to test P45s etc.
    iii. Use the URL https://localhost:5665/LTS/PAYE to test P60s.
    iv. Browse to the file to be imported.
    v. Set the year that the file refers to.