Holiday Allowances From Employment History

The first time that a Holiday Grade is put against an Employment History Record, an equivalent Holiday Allowance Record will be created. Once that record has been created, amending the employment history details will not affect the holiday grade record, with the exception of a process explained below.

The number of day’s allowance that is set on this holiday record is affecting by the following settings:

  1. The default number of days for a holiday grade is taken Personnel Definitions Employment Holiday Grade.
  2. If the Pro Rata on start and/or end date flag(s) are set in HR Parameters Personnel. Then the relevant start and end dates for the employee are checked to see if they fall within the holiday year. The dates to be used for this check are also defined  on this same screen. The dates available are:

    a) Employment – this is the start and end dates of the employment history record.

    b) Contract – this is the start and end contract dates on the employment history record.

    c) Service – this is the employee’s actual start and leave date within the institution.

  3. If Holiday Factor on the employment history record is non zero, the holiday entitlement calculated above is multiplied by this value to give the employee’s entitlement for the year.
  4. If Holiday Factor on the employment history record is zero and the flag Use Employment WTE in HR Parameters Personnel is ticked, then the holiday entitlement calculated above is multiplied by the Actual Whole Time Equivalent factor shown in Terms in the employment history record.


If the BCUC processing has been switched on, either by adding in an entry of format <HOLD_WTE>Yes</HOL_WTE> into the hr.ini file, or by addition of the appropriate entry to the admcntrl parameter file. Then a wizard can be accessed from  function, next to Holiday Factor in Employment History.

The operator will first be asked if the holiday entitlement is to be based on a start and/or end date, and then asked to define which dates to use (as above). The same process as outlined above will then be used to calculate the employee’s holiday entitlement.

Note: Where the above document refers to the Holiday Entitlement in days, the same processing will also be carried out for Holiday Entitlement in hours.