Holiday Rollover & Carry Over

Holiday Rollover


  • Access each of the Holiday Grades via Personnel Definitions Employment, and set the details for the new year (i.e. change the dates to reflect the new year).
  • If holidays are to be carried over from the previous holiday year, then a Holiday Grade will also need to be set up with the correct dates in order to store the carried over values.
  • Access the rollover function via Personnel > Functions.
  • On the first screen, select each of the Holiday Grades that are to be rolled over from the left hand box into the right hand box. Click Next.
  • In the second screen, enter the date of the previous holiday year, (i.e. the year that is to be rolled from). Click Next.
  • The third screen is optional. If you wish to carry over any untaken holidays from the previous year, enter here the holiday grade against which the carried over holidays are to be stored. Click Finish.
  • Confirm that you wish to proceed.

The program will then carry out the following process:

  • Each employee is checked in turn. If a holiday entitlement record is found for one of the holiday grades entered and for the date entered, then a new holiday entitlement record will be created using the dates and entitlement set up in Holiday Grade.
  • If no holiday entitlement records are found with the correct date for any employee, then the message Process Failed is displayed.
  • If a carried forward holiday grade is defined, then when processing a rollover for an employee/holiday grade, a check is made as to how many days holiday the employee took in the old time period, and any time not taken will be accumulated as carried over days.