Importing Attachments

The file to be updated is pnlempdoc.

Field name Data Example
Variation_id   DEM
Emp_id From user  
Seq_id Unique number  
U_version   !
Description Not required  
Entity_id Filename PNLEMPPEN
Trn_seq_id Sequence number within entity_id file (unless its pnlempmst when leave blank)  
Note_id Not required  
User_id Not required  
Source_id Not required  
Cre_date Not required  
Cre_time Not required  
Status_id Not required  
Review_date Not required  
Document_type   DOC
Document name   C:\aaa\bbb.doc



  1. Document Type – would need some way of stripping the last three characters, unless all types are .doc. (Note: or may be able to go back in via sql and sort it out).
  2. If linking in to table other than the pnlempmst, would need to know the sequence number to which the record is being linked.