Late Notification Of Change Of NI Category

  1. Change the employee to the new NI Category.
  2. Run Payroll Functions > Historical NI Category Changes.

    a) Define the Employee Number on the first screen.

    b) Define the first period to be changed ensure All Periods Thereafter is ticked on second               screen.

  3. The process will then look at the employee’s details for each of the period to be analysed.

    a) The values for each affected period will be removed from the old NI Category year to date values.

    b) The values for each period will be added to the new NI Category year to date values.

    c) The NI override screen will be updated with any differences that the system calculated between what was originally set against the old NI Category, compared to what would have been set against the new NI Category.

  4. As a result of this process, the old NI Category year to date values should be correct and the total of the new NI Category values plus the overrides should be correct.
  5. Depending on the old and new NI Categories, an under or overpayment of NI may have occurred, which will be taken care of by the overrides.
  6. When the period end is run, the current this period values and year to date values will accumulate for the new NI Category and should be correct in the future.