Passwords For Payslips

QLP001878 – Payslips and P60’s


A new field PDF – Encoding Software has been added to HR Parameters Personnel.

If it is selected to produce payslips or P60’s via email, it is now possible to specify that the files attached to the emails are password protected.

If this field is left blank, the emails will not be password protected.

If it is required to password protect the file then this field will need to contain the full path and file name of the encoding software. This will be the file pdftk.exe.

Note: In order to use this facility within Payroll and Personnel, you will need to purchase and install the third party encryption software from the address The software as issued will use the employee’s NI Number as their password. Please contact the help desk if it is required to use another field for this purpose.



– The process will make a call – ;;pdftk.exe <EMP_ID>.pdf <NI_NUMBER> <EMP_ID>.pdf which will get translated to pdftk.exe 12345.pdf NE001234G 12345.pdf.

– There is a hidden parameter where you can change the field:


  • insert into admcntrl (control_type,variation_id,language_id,module_id,param_id,param_type,param_label,param_default,param_value,local_value)
  • VALUES(‘P’,‘<VARIATION_ID>’,‘UK’,‘PNL’,‘EMPPDFPASS’,‘S’,‘PDF Password Field’,‘NI_NUMBER’,‘<FIELD_ID>’,0)
  • Replace <VARIATION_ID> with the appropriate value and replace <FIELD_ID> with the field you want to use as the password.
  • The field has to exist on PNLEMPMSTX