Payment Grouping

This can be achieved by following this procedure:

  1. Access Item Group in Payroll Definitions > Module Setup.
  2. Click NewThe Code can be any 5 character unique value. The Description should be that which you wish to show on the payslip.
  3. Access Payment/Deduction in Payroll Definitions > Module Setup.
  4. Click Edit for each of payroll code that is to be included in the newly created group.
  5. The Group is held in Item Group in General.
  6. Access Template in Payroll > Definitions Module Setup.
  7. Click Edit for all the required template(s).
  8. Ensure Summary and Use Grouping are ticked in Payslip tab.
  9. When you now access HR Record Payroll Functions Pay Advice, all the items in the group will appear as a single line.
  10. Payslips will also group the items together.
  11. The Working File will still hold the individual date, and the individual lines will be passed into history at the end of the period.