Payslip Process

Pre-Printed Documents

Payslips (Crystal)

This series of pages presented by the report wizard, allows you to print payslips in your pre-defined format via a Crystal Report definition.

The first screen requests a Payroll Template. The screen defaults to the last template used, but any other template can be chosen from the drop-down list.


The second screen request the optional entry of a previously created HR Query. If no criteria is selected, then all employees with a valid payment in the period are included. The selection criteria available are those HR Queries which have been based on the HR Record and which are set as accessible to all users (Note: one of the fields selected on the query must be the employee number).


The third screen allows for the entry of the date that is to be printed on the payslips. It is initially defaulted to the end of the current pay period for the selected payroll template, but may be overwritten to represent your required PAY date to be printed on the payslips. This commonly represents either your official PAY date for your organisation, or the actual date on which the monies are transferred to the relevant bank accounts.


The fourth screen allows for the entry of a period number. The value will default to the current period, but may be amended to a past period in order to print historical payslips.


The fifth screen allows for the entry of a single employee. This is an optional field, and if no employee number is entered, then the payslips of those employees defined by the previously entered HR Query, or all employee’s for the template, will be printed. If an employee number is entered, then just that single payslip will be produced.


The sixth screen requests an optional message that can be printed on the payslip, assuming that the payslip has been formatted to contain a message area.


The following screen allows you to select if you wish to email each payslip to each employee by ticking the Email box. You must select the File Location and Report Location and click Run.