Replacement Payroll Codes

It is now possible to add a list of Payroll Codes against a Parent Payroll Code.

The effect of this is when a payment is made to the Parent Code, and then in the Working File, multiple entries will be generated, one for each Child Payroll Code.


Mileage expenses are paid at 50p per mile, of which 5p is taxable.

Two Child Payroll Codes could be set up:

  1. 45p per unit not taxable
  2. 5p per unit taxable

    and the two codes then linked to a Parent Code into which the miles travelled are entered.

The Child Payroll Codes are defined against the Parent Payroll Code, via the Replacement Code tab in Payroll Code Maintenance.

In the Working File, an entry will be made against the Parent Payroll Code, which when Saved will be split down into its child constituents.

The Child and Parent Payroll Codes will all have to be of type Rate.

If the Parent and Child Payroll Codes are all of General Ledger type, then gen code entered to the Parent will be passed down to the Child codes.