HR Parameters – SIR tab

This tab maintains the values needed for the control of the SIR processes.

  • HE or FE – defines to the system whether the organisation is a HE or an FE College, and defines the format of the maintenance forms that will be presented for the entry of data.
  • Institution Reference – holds the Submission Reference that will have been issued to the college by the funding council. The reference will be used on the exported file that is returned to the funding council in order to identify the college making the return.
  • Pro-Rata FTW – if the checkbox is ticked, then if the employee’s start or end date falls within the submission year, then the fulltime fraction as held on the SIR form is revised by the appropriate fraction of time worked in the year when the data extract is performed.
  • English or Welsh – defines to the system whether the organisation is an English or a Welsh college, and defines the format of the maintenance forms that will be presented for the entry of data. The Welsh version was discontinued previously.
  • Calculate Annual Pay – if checkbox is ticked, the option Personnel > Functions > Sir FE Salaries, can be used to generate the annual salary code used on the English FE SIR return, based on the employee’s salary history between the dates defined above.
  • Enter Annual Pay – if checkbox is ticked then Annual Salary field is made available for maintenance on the Employee’s English FE SIR form. If checkbox is unticked, the salary will have to be entered either via Calculate Annual Pay, or a third process.



Create SIR Values

This function is provided for the creation of code tables holding the Standard SIR Code values. The program will look at the details in HR Parameters – SIR tab, to see if the institute is Higher Education or Further Education, and the return is to the English or Welsh funding councils. The appropriate import screen will displayed. The code tables updated by this process, can be further amended via maintenance options in Personnel Definitions.



Code Definitions

The code tables required for the English SIR can be found in either SIR – FE -English or SIR – FE menu in PersonnelDefinitions. Each entry consists only of a code and a description.




SIR Export (FE)

This function is provided for the creation of the annual SIR return for FE Colleges (Note: both English and Welsh).

A series of six pages of information to complete will be displayed.

On Page 1, the submission type to be used is displayed. The system no longer supports the production of the Short return, therefore the user should click Next.

On Page 2 you are requested to enter the Start Month of the submission year. The entry will normally be August. Once the entry is made, click Next.

On Page 3 you are requested to enter the Year of the current submission. This will normally be the year prior to the current year. Once the year has been entered, click Next.

On Page 4 you are requested to enter the Reference of the submission. This field can be skipped. Click Next.

On Page 5 you are requested whether the creation of the SIR output is to be in a CSV file format. If the CSV option is not selected, the format of the SIR return is of a continuous string of numbers with nothing to separate each field. Once selection is made, click Next.

On Page 6 you are requested to enter the Filename and Location of the file to be created by the process. If you have ticked CSV on Page 5, then the Filename should be in the format of c:\xxxx.csv, (Note: where xxxx is the Filename).

If you are creating a file to be sent to the funding council, or to be checked via the funding council’s validation software, then the Filename will have to be as specified by the funding council. Once entered, click Finish and confirm that you wish to proceed.




SIR FE Salaries

Align QLS Staff File is provided to flood Annual Pay in SIR, with a value based on either Employee’s Gross Pay for the tax year in question, or Employee’s Salary History, if the payroll details are not held for the employee.




HR Record – Credentials – SIR

Creating a SIR FE Record

Exclude (<15hrs) will omit the employee from the SIR Return, if hours worked is less than 15hrs per week.

Appointment Date and Leave Date for the employee may be recorded. These fields will default to the employee’s Start and Leave date with the institution if left blank. These are displayed at the top of the screen.

Apportionment of Work for Direct contact with students, Direct Support and any Other Support entries should be entered as a percentage value.

Enter the percentage of Fraction of Full-Time.

Enter the EthnicitySexual OrientationDisability and Employment Terms codes for the employee.

For English Colleges, enter the Annual Pay and Support Staff Category code for the employee. The Annual Pay code is only requested if the appropriate flag is ticked within the SIR parameters.

For all Colleges, Programme Area of Main Subject is required.

Date of Birth and Gender from the employee master file are displayed here, and are included in the extract when it is created.


Selecting Copy allows for the creation of an exact duplicate of the original SIR Record. This can be of use if the employee now has two contracts, which you need to return separately. It avoids the rekeying of data that is consistent between the two records.




Data Returned

  1. Institute Identifier
  2. Staff Identifier
  3. Gender
  4. Date of Birth
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Disability
  7. Terms of Employment
  8. Fraction of Full-Time
  9. Proportion of Work that is Direct Teaching
  10. Proportion of Work that is Direct Support
  11. Proportion of Work that is Other Support
  12. Date of Appointment
  13. Date of Leaving
  14. Main Subject Taught
  15. Category of Work
  16. Annual Pay
  17. Sexual Orientation