To Produce A New Query

Select New.


Select which module – PersonnelPayroll or Recruitment, is required.




A list of tables is displayed, dependent on which module has been selected.

If you select HR Record, this will be the only table available in the query.

If you select a different table, then you may add in the HR Record table during the query creation.





Enter a Description for the query.

Select whether you wish the query to be Accessible by All Users ?

If selected, this will allow other users to access the query and the next two fields are valid.

Data Items (Columns) allows you to include or exclude fields to the original query.

Selection Criteria allows you to amend any selection criteria which have been set for the original query.


The Application Grids fields will only be available, if the process is being accessed via Self Service Queries or Authorised User Queries.

Ticking the  Use as Default box, will result in this query being considered the default query for this file within the HR Portal.

Ticking the Show in Publisher box, will result in this query being available in the HR Portal web part, HR Queries.




Select the field(s) you require on the query and click >. It will move to the right hand window.




Define fields which must be fulfilled in order for the data to be included in the query by using the buttons on the form.



Click Finish to save and run the query.